Monday, August 30, 2010

Apparition & Late Fictions by Thomas Lynch

This novel consists of 5 short stories. In Catch and Release, Danny, a fishing guide, took his father's ashes to their favorite fishing spots. What Danny did with the last bit of his father's ashes was shocking to me.
In Bloodsport, Lynch, having an undertaker's background, gave an insider's perspective on the embalming process and depicted Martin's inner struggles with the murder of Elena. Was it possible he could have helped and prevented her death?
Matinee de September offers a detailed description of the idyllic Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel where Aisling Black, a widowed English professor, took a respite before fall semester. Awestruck by the waitress Bintalou's beauty, Aisling became obsessed with her...
I didn't care for Hunter's Moon and the title story Apparition. All 5 stories have the theme of death, and how the living cope with the departed. At times it is morbid, but we are assured that "life goes on."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

What is a dog's purpose? This sweet novel explores that question from a dog's point of view. This particular dog lives several lives. In each life, he (and sometimes he's a she) ponders his past experience and current situation in an effort to understand what he's meant to do. If you like dogs even a little, you will enjoy this book.