Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Spectacle by National Geographic

The subtitle for this book is "Rare and Astonishing Photographs".  I had a lovely evening thumbing through it.  I'm partial to the landscape photos, with curving mountain roads, wildflowers, caves, and the northern lights.  But the wildlife and people photos were great too, and several made me smile.  It was sometimes hard to guess what I was really seeing.

So ignore the "lovely" February weather, check this book out, and transport yourself around the world for a few hours!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Dear Mrs. Bird by AJ Pearce

Set in WW II London, Emmeline Lake lamented “War was foul and appalling and unfair.”  She aspires to be a journalist but ends up as a junior typist at Woman’s Friends magazine going over incoming letters for the Problem Page for the stern Henrietta Bird.  Mrs. Bird rejects any letters with “unpleasantness”- questions about relationship are ignored.  Emmy wants to help the troubled readers and does the unthinkable.  As the German planes are making their nightly raids, tragedy strikes Emmy’s best friend Bunty and her fiancĂ© Bill, and their friendship is tested.  The novel is full of heart and gentle humor.  It is a good read.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Love Unexpected by Jody Hedlund

     Young Emma has wanted a home and family for some time now. When the steam ship that she and her brother are on, sinks in Lake Huron, they are left with nothing, on the shores of Burnham's Landing. Having come to the United States to escape the potato famine, they had been traveling from place to place finding work where they could. 
     Now Emma is offered an opportunity that in her dire situation she feels she must consider. A local lighthouse keeper with a two year old son has lost his wife. He desperately needs someone to watch his spirited son while he has lighthouse duties. A night job that is quite isolated, he's been struggling being up night and day. It seems the solution, according to their friend, Holy Bill, is right in front of them. So they get married that very day.
     Emma enjoys keeping her new home and taking care of the little boy, even though it is exhausting. Her relationship with Patrick, the lighthouse keeper is complicated. He is a changed man, but has a troubled past that he is reluctant to share with her. Where does he go on certain days when he doesn't say where he is going? What past crimes has he committed? Will Emma stay in her new home?