Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tangle Journey by Beckah Krahula

You know those adult coloring books you see everywhere? This book reminded me of that. It does take it a step up, however, in that you make your own drawings. The idea of relaxing through the process of drawing and creating for 30 minutes a day is appealing. In the end you end up with beautiful works of art. You can make them into a journal, or book, or art to put on your wall....or just fill a drawer full of interesting projects, half done. In any case, I'm going to try it!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Warbird Factory by John Fredrickson

John Fredrickson's Warbird Factory is a look back at North American Aviation and its work during World War II. Though the book looks at the development and construction of some of America's most famous fighting planes, it goes way beyond air combat. Warbird Factory also looks in detail at those who designed these aircraft, and those who built them on the factory floor.
For me, the most entertaining part of the book was the look it took at the factory workers' community. The book discusses everything from the working conditions, to the shifts, to how these people socialized and even how they made the commute to work. Warbird Factory also details labor problems that had to be overcome so that the planes could once again roll off the assembly line.
Along with all of the written information the book presents, it is also a treasure trove of period photos taken inside the factories and the offices of North American Aviation. These pictures help paint the picture of how American factories, and the Americans working in them, came together to help shorten World War II. It is a very enjoyable read.