Thursday, March 17, 2016

Baby Brights by Kathleen McCafferty

This book is filled with patterns to crochet for babies. I recently took classes to re-learn the art of crochet. When I noticed this book on our NEW shelves, I picked it up to browse through. I didn't realize at the time how much I would love the projects inside. I was able to make the cute Mary Jane shoes on the front cover. I also made the pixie gnome hat and the pom pom hat. I am still planning to make the high top shoes, the bear hat, and the wavy stripes baby blanket. I now have many gifts for the new babies in my family circle! I highly recommend this one for any crochet lovers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Zero Night by Mark Felton

If you have ever read Paul Brickhill's book, The Great Escape, or seen the movie adaptation of it, then you might find that Mark Felton's Zero Night to your liking. I will warn you, however, there is no Steve McQueen-type character zipping around Nazi Germany on his motorcycle - the soldiers in Zero Night were far less Hollywood, and far more heroic.
Zero Night details the first mass escape of Allied prisoners of war in World War II. Taking place around the escape of August 1942, Felton details the planning and execution of the escape in great and riveting detail. This prison escape did not involve tunneling, it found the prisoners going over the wire and trying to make their way to freedom.
Though several prisoners did make it out of the German camp, very few found success in the end and managed to keep their freedom. What they did do, however, was disrupt the Nazi war machine as the Germans searched throughout Europe for the escapees.
The book is a quick, enjoyable read that shows you the extent of the planning and execution the prisoners used in their bid for freedom.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hamilton (Broadway Cast Recording) (available on hoopla)

Alexander Hamilton — what did he do, anyway?  Aren’t we trying to take him off the $10 bill?  The answer is — he was present at nearly every pivotal moment in the early history of the US, and we would not be the nation we are without his contributions. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s amazing hip-hop musical (based on the biography by Ron Chernow) captures Hamilton’s life, struggles, and achievements with tightly written lyrics and catchy music.  Even if you don’t think you like hip-hop, give this recording a try (there are other musical styles as well) — it’s the most amazing musical I’ve ever heard, and I learned a lot of American history in the process of listening to it.