Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hume's Fork by Ron Cooper

This novel started with a comic moment when philosophy professor Legare Hume was "plated" by his wife Tally as he announced his decision to attend the American Philosophical Association conference in Charleston, S. Carolina with his colleague Saul Grossman instead of her. The reason for Tally's lashing anger wasn't reveal until toward the end. The story revolved around the APA conference, the friendship between Hume and Grossman, and how ironically after years of avoiding his family in Carolina, Hume ended up staying and reconnecting with them and a menagerie of quirky and shady characters. The subplot brought out the tender side of Saul who fell head over heels for Hume's sister Willie.
Hume's Fork is an unexpected, entertaining and comical combination of philosophy professors, professional wrestlers and the meaning we attached to everyday life.

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