Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Richard Castle is a character on the TV show Castle, played by actor Nathan Fillion. On that show, he is a best-selling author of detective stories, and his latest book is called Heat Wave. ABC apparently decided to actually publish such a book, and to credit Castle as its author, right down to the actor's picture on the back cover of the book. Who knows who actually wrote the book! I like the gimmick as it fits with the show--the characters in the show don't take themselves too seriously, and the producers obviously aren't above making fun of their own show. I like the crossover appeal that may actually spur some fans of the TV show to pick up the book and read it. As for the book itself, it's not bad. It reads like a book based on a script, but it has good pacing and dialogue. Since I have watched the TV show, I enjoyed reading the book and picturing the TV characters as the book characters, and trying to remember if the book scenes ever happened on the show. It all works and it's lots of fun.

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