Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gone Missing by Linda Castillo

Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and State Agent John Tomasetti are back on the case in Linda Castillo’s latest, Gone Missing.  Although this is very similar to her previous three books, it is not part of that series.  Castillo does tell the reader that back story of how the two meet and the progression of their relationship, so if the reader has not read the previous books it will not be confusing.

In Gone Missing, Kate and John are looking into the mysterious disappearance of Amish teens who have started to rebel against the church and are thinking about leaving.  Over the past ten years, five teens have gone missing and the number starts to increase.  Because of Kate’s Amish past, Tomasetti brings her in to consult on the cases.  As they are working, an Amish teen close to Kate’s family has disappeared in Painter’s Mill and she returns to work the case.  Soon they realize there are similarities with the two cases.

As in her past books, Castillo usually adds a twist that I don’t see coming, but then looking back she does a good job of foreshadowing.  Castillo does give more attention to the relationship of Kate and John and gives a little insight of what might come.  In the end, I liked the book and it was a good read but I wonder if she wrote this one too fast to meet the demand and popularity of the first three. 

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