Monday, January 7, 2013

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

The story begins with Father Time, Dor, who is determined to measure the hours of the day.  Then it drifts to Sarah, a teenager who feels time is creeping too slowly to meet with the boy she is so enamored of, only to find out he is not at all interested in her.  On the other hand, Victor, a successfully businessman dying of cancer, is eager to extend his time on earth by extreme measures without his wife's knowledge.  Albom explores different perspectives of time through the alternating narratives of these characters.
The lives of Sarah and Victor intersect when Dor tries to redeem himself by intervening in the mistakes both of these two are about to make.  The imagery towards the end is indelible.
This is a fast reading book but kept me lingering in thoughts.  We have all experienced being bound by time, and most of all wishing we could have spent more time with our loved ones, whether living or departed.

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