Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sophia by Paula Kremser

In this Regency romance novel, Sophia, a small town girl, visits London where she finds she is to receive an unexpected inheritance. She stays in London with her aunt who takes her to many social events.  Her aunt wants to trick Sophia out of her inheritance and sets Sophia up to be found resting in a gentleman's room and when this gentleman (Alex) enters the room, they are caught together.  Because her reputation will be ruined she needs to marry Alex, a man she doesn't even know. Sophia rebels and decides she doesn't care about being "ruined" but Alex wants to save her reputation and his.  Why does a marriage cause Sophia to lose her inheritance and why is Alex showing so much interest in her? This is an enjoyable and at times humorous story written by an author who is a former Pella resident.

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