Thursday, October 29, 2015

Others Had It Worse by Vetra Melrose Padget Covert and Chris D. Baker

I picked it up because the cover and title peeked my interest in the human condition. How do people survive adverse times? How is it that some people enjoy life even in the worst of times? I saw that the book was a true account of a family living in Davis County, Iowa. So I checked it out.
Not a big book- but fascinating. A grandson decides to try and collect information from his grandmother before her death. She begins to writer her earliest memories and goes from there. The book is compiled of her writings. Short snippets offering a glimpse into the life of another human being. Not an easy life - poor, and a father who made moonshine for money and also consumed the fruits of his labor. (Not such a good thing for the family.) As the title implies, the girl survives, and manages to have happy memories as well. They actually had fun. Maybe when you have nothing, even the smallest of events can bring great happiness. The pros and cons of having money. What's the perfect balance of living comfortably, but still having joy in little things? Maybe by studying the lives of those who have gone before us, we can gain insight.

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