Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Anchors Aweigh! by Kathleen Bacus

Another fun entry in the Calamity Jayne series! This time Tressa Jayne Turner is on a cruise to celebrate Grammy and Joe's wedding. But wait, what kind of cruise is this? Exercise classes, diet food... this must be someone's idea of a joke. While Tressa pines for cheeseburgers, she overhears what sounds like a murder plot. Of course, she has to investigate and the investigation doesn't go smoothly. Tressa is amazed to find herself courted by the devilishly handsome Ranger Rick AND fake fiance Manny DeMarco. How is a girl to choose? Especially when she's light-headed from a lack of food...

Fans of the series will enjoy this book. It's an easy read and lots of fun. Author Kathleen Bacus is from Knoxville.

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