Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Road of Lost Innocence The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine

Hello all my library book loving friends. I have decided to share a book review in my blog. Now I actually thought about not writing about this book, not because it was that badly written, but because of the content of the subject. This book is a biography of a poor Cambodian girl who never really belonged to anyone. She was sold into slavery by her village to an abusive older man who made her call him Grandfather. As she got older, like 11 or 12, he found a way to use her to pay his bills. In other words he forced her to prostitute herself. He then sold her to an actual house where she eventually found a way to escape by marriage to one of her clients. She then took it upon herself to help other less fortunate girls to escape this horrible life. It is a very well written account of the atrocities of third world countries and how backwards the world can still be. Just a warning though. This is not a jolly go lucky book about how a girl is saved from something horrible and lives happily ever after. The book is very graphic and I actually felt ill to think of what these innocent young girls have to go through. I would probably put it on the same scale as a Holocaust book for shock and depression value. There is always hope and you do get that from this book. It also makes you want to fight for the innocent and stop such backward atrocities. It is a very eye opening book and I wish I could recommend it to all but, I know some will have problems with its content. That is perfectly fine. I would be worried if people didn't show uneasiness while reading this book. Still I will recommend this book as a should read. Just because you don't read it does not mean it doesn't exist.

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