Monday, February 2, 2009

Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian

This deeply moving but disturbing book was hard to put down This book centers around a Prussian mother, daughter and young son, the Emmerichs, who are fleeing Germany toward the end of WWII. The father and two sons are fighting for Germany
They are enduring many hardships and losses to escape the invading Russians. Hidden with them is a Scottish paratrooper who had been gunned down and had worked on their farm as a prisoner. A Jewish man hiding his identity by impersonating a German soldier becomes involved with them and protects them. A group of Jewish women from a concentration camp are being marched across the country. There are horrors but also hope and love. It is shocking to read of the brutal acts done to people, not just the Jews during WWII. This German family did not understand what was happening to the Jews-or should they have been more aware or questioning what was going on? This would be a great book for a discussion group. There are so many details to the characters and what was going on in the war

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