Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In This Timeless Time by Bruce Jackson & Diane Christian

This is a non-fiction book that explores life on Death Row, mainly in Texas, although the things that go on are common to all Death Rows. The book causes you to think about capital punishment and shows what life is like for inmates in the time between sentencing and execution.

The first part of the book is all photos taken of cell block J in Ellis Unit of Texas Department of Corrections. The second part is a written companion that gives commentary about the criminal system and the fate of the men in the pictures. The third section tells about serious ethical issues the authors dealt with during their time documenting all this information.

This book caused feelings of frustration as I questioned the effectiveness of our judicial system. You would think that there would be a better way to separate the truly guilty from those who have lesser guilt. With our intelligence why can’t we find a way to reach the truth of each situation and match the punishment to the severity of the crime?

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