Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Still Me by JoJo Moyes

In this third book of a series Louisa Clark travels to New York to work for a wealthy woman as her personal assistant. Though torn between her life and boyfriend (Ambulance Sam) in England she is fascinated with the city and new experiences. Living her life with this rich family she is thrust into the high society of the super rich and the turmoil of Agnes, the second wife of Leonard Gopnik. Agnes is scorned by the other women in this society but Louisa has a knack to solve some of the problems in her witty ways. Separation from her boyfriend and a new man in her life bring Louisa to examine her relationships and figure out who she really is. Louisa, still dealing with the death of her first love, is a loveable character who always seems to get into predicaments and come out strong. This is an enjoyable book to read or listen to and follows the books Me Before You and After You.

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